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Welcome to the


guild website. i am pallycetamol guild leader. 

i am on my own quest  to create a raiding guild on azjol-nerub that is both hardcore. and fun.

my objectives and how i want the guild to be.

  • small and dangerous, best friends who work together.
  • all members will HAVE to know their own classes. if you join a raid and ask what your suppose to be doing. you can leave and never come back. if you know your class you know what role you are suppose to play in the raid.
  • there will be no "tactics" before bosses and raids.

i aim to start a VERY strict recruiting scheme.
gear is important but if you can follow instructions your a nice person and you know what you are doing. you will be given your chance. 

although all the above is very true. above all i want a fun guild. great people with brains and fun people who want to make friends and enjoy the game in every form. 

aswell as raiding i also want to aim at making some pvp groups nothing serious but arena time and WG can be managed.

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